Managing Broker Recruiting

Metro Edge Realty
Published on August 4, 2016

Managing Broker Recruiting


Hot News for Managing Broker

We are recruiting managing partner rather than just managing broker.

Being a managing broker, when will you end working for somebody else?

Metro Edge Realty is now providing you chance to work for yourself as partnership thus to realize your dream of success.

Are you ready to set up your own company without any investment and gain your annual income up to CAD 500,000, this is a number that a lots of owners of the real estate brokerage industries have never been able to achieve.

Metro Edge Realty provides your insurance package and free legal service, you will find yourself an environment to work until your retirement.

The platform is here, but needs your input with hardworking to make it successful.


You and ME, every thing is possible.


There are more than 170 realtors and some 30 supporting teams in Metro Edge Realty since its establishment 7 month ago. The goal for the year of 2016 is 500 realtors. Currently, we have offices in Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey. With your joining, we will be a real estate brokerage firm that has coverage all over great Vancouver regions.

Managing Broker Recruiting
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