You don’t want to set your price too low or too high

Setting too low a price means you could miss out on thousands of dollars that some buyer would have paid. Setting too high a price can scare away willing buyers and leave your home on the market for too long. When you lower the price, people may assume you are under pressure to sell, and lower their offers even further. ME agents know the general factors affecting your market, so work with them to get a price that’s right for you. Asking Price

ME agents know the general factors affecting your market

Maybe larger families are moving into your neighbourhood. That makes homes with three plus bedrooms and large yards more appealing. Perhaps a large employer is opening a plant nearby, which will increase demand for housing in general. How are interest rates affecting people’s willingness to take out big mortgages? You can ask your Me agent these questions and, more importantly, how he or she can affect the price of your home. Asking Price

ME agents can calculate your home’s value within your market

Using the extensive background information available to ME agents through a real estate Board’s MLS® System, they can compare your home to a collection of similar homes that have recently been sold in your area. No two homes are the same, but ME agents are very good at adjusting their calculations according to the differences. Asking Price

Yes, first impressions matter

It’s nearly impossible to replace the initial flurry of interest and activity a new listing will generate. Agents in your area will want to see your home right away and tell their buyers all about it. Be sure you’re priced and poised to capitalize on this first wave of excitement. Asking Price


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